School Hours May Change; Early To Home Considered By MoE
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Al-Anba daily reports that the Ministry of Education is studying a proposal to change the school hours in the primary stage to 1:20 pm instead of 1:30 pm. The Undersecretary of the ministry Dr Ali Al-Yacoub referred the proposal of Kuwait Teachers Association to the Public Education Sector, which has been tasked with preparing the response.

Hamad Al-Houli, chairperson of the association, said in the proposal obtained by the daily: "First of all, we acknowledge your desire to strengthen coordination between the ministry and the association, so that we can contribute jointly to the development of education and its outputs.

As part of the association's commitment to improving education, we are pleased to present to you the association's and experts' proposal regarding Resolution 17317, which specifies 1:30 pm as the school closing time.

02 Oct, 2022 401
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