Saudi Prince Was Acquitted Of Abducting His Children From The Exwife
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The Criminal Court chaired by Judge Ahmad Al-Yasin acquitted a Saudi prince of abducting his children from the exwife who’s a Kuwaiti. In the previous session, the court removed arrest order against the defendant to enable him attend the hearing session and to defend himself against the allegation by his ex-wife in Kuwait.

The man allegedly abducted his underage children from their mother without any use of force, threat or trick. He is said to have picked them up from their mother’s residence in Kuwait where they were living, and later took them outside the country without her consent or knowledge. He was accused of taking the action to break communication link between the children and their mother.


The woman said she was married to the prince with whom she had the children while living together in Saudi Arabia as a family until she got divorced and returned to Kuwait. The defendant and the plaintiff had made a gentleman’s agreement that the woman should take custody of the children, and that the man was free to visit them at his convenience without necessarily involving the judiciary.

However, the man came on that fateful day to take the children without returning them or notifying anybody of their whereabouts. According to the prosecution officer, it has already been established that the man took the children out of the country based on the record of the exit channels administration


26 Jan, 2018 824
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