Saddam Hussein Denied Visa In Kuwait
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The treasurer of the Kuwait Judo Federation, Youssef Dalli has denied that an entry visa to the Yemeni judo coach Saddam Hussein bin Hazeb was refused because his name matched the name of the Iraqi tyrant Saddam Hussein, reports Al-Rai daily.

Dalli said the visa was denied because of the validity of the passport of the coach was less than six months. Al-Dalli said this is a pre-requisite for issuing visas and is in force throughout the world. The Yemeni coach was supposed to be with his team which participates in the Arab Judo Championship being held in Kuwait.

According to information, an official of the Kuwaiti Judo Federation apologized for rejecting the visa application of the coach, while the other members of the team were granted visas. While the Yemeni coach expressed his dissatisfaction saying visa was not granted to him because of his name, Dalli denied the rumors saying Kuwait has nothing to do with the name or the Houthi rebel group in Yemen. The issue was purely a technical matter – validity of the passport



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