Rumors Of 4 Coronavirus Cases In Kuwait False
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Rumors of four cases of the new coronavirus have sparked fear in the country despite denial by Ministry of Health about the existence of these cases, and its affirmation that no case of coronavirus infection has been detected in Kuwait so far.

According to informed health sources, Adan Hospital, during the past hours, received a number of Asian patients who showed symptoms of respiratory syndrome such as high fever, severe cough, and others. They said, “The hospital has taken all preventive measures to deal with these cases based on an approved emergency plan to prevent coronavirus. After conducting the necessary laboratory tests, it became clear that they were not infected with coronavirus.”

The sources explained, “Adan Hospital, like other hospitals in Kuwait, has dedicated wards for suspected cases of coronavirus as well as isolation wards for confirmed cases. It is obligated to report any case of coronavirus in accordance with international health regulations and the agreement concluded between Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization, which obliges all countries to report any case of this virus.”

They highlighted that Ahmadi Governorate has many oil and contracting companies, and most of the manpower in these companies are expatriates of different Asian nationalities especially from China and Southeast Asian countries.

This means patients from these regions are being given great care and dealt with caution in accordance with the procedures and health regulations used to prevent the new coronavirus. Meanwhile, Undersecretary of Ministry of Health Dr Mustafa Redha affirmed that no cases of coronavirus has been recorded in the country, adding that the level of readiness of Ministry of Health in all its sectors to deal with this virus is high.

During an inspection tour of hospitals and health centers this week, he said the information circulating on social media are just rumors to spread fear and panic, assuring the public that the country is free of this virus.

In addition, diplomatic sources affirmed that the families of a number of diplomats working in China have returned to the country, and the rest are on their way back, indicating that Kuwait has an embassy in Beijing and three consulates in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Shanghai.

They highlighted the meeting of Assistant Foreign Minister for Asian Affairs Ambassador Ali Al- Saeed and Ambassador of China to Kuwait Li Minggang to discuss the developments of China’s position to confront this epidemic and the measures taken by the Chinese authorities to prevent its spread.

The sources stressed Kuwait’s satisfaction with China’s actions to confront the virus. Kuwait announced Thursday that it had suspended travel to and from China and Hong Kong in the wake of the deadly coronavirus outbreak.

The decision, taken by the Kuwaiti government, was announced to airline companies operating at Kuwait International Airport, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation of Kuwait said in a statement.

The ban also covers all Kuwaiti citizens as well as those with residence permits or visas in Kuwait who stayed in China or Hong Kong in the past two weeks, the statement added. It also noted that the ban will be in force until the next announcement.

The coronavirus first broke out in Wuhan city in China’s Hubei province, which is currently on lockdown. Kuwait’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday warned its nationals against travelling to China due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) there. “Given the spread of the 2019- nCoV and out of care for the safety of Kuwaiti citizens, we advise them to cancel their plans for travel to China and urge the Kuwaitis who are still there to come back as early as possible,” the ministry said a statement this evening. It also cautioned against unnecessary travel to other countries where coronavirus cases were confirmed.



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