Rumors Driving Away People From Covid Vaccine
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In light of a contrasting situation between acceptance, welcome, rejection and fear of the vaccine that the State of Kuwait provides free of charge to citizens and expatriates, doctors confirmed the safety of vaccination of the ‘Pfizer’ vaccine to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

A survey conducted by the Al-Seyassah daily says there is no need for any fear from these vaccines emphasizing it is but natural to fear anything new, especially when it comes to a person’s health and the health of those he loves, but social media has contributed to spreading this fear and promoting the conspiracy theory.

During a random survey, a Kuwaiti said he strongly supports the immunization of citizens and expatriates with imported vaccines, and there is no justification whatsoever for rejecting vaccines.

Another Kuwaiti says, he believes Kuwait deals with its citizens and everyone who lives on its land with great appreciation and respect, and that is why it cannot in any way harm them with these vaccines that are currently made available free of cost.

Perhaps the reason for refusing to be vaccinated by a few, he says, the main cause is the rumors in the social media that has instilled fear In the hearts of people that there is a conspiracy against humanity created by the superpowers and that these vaccines will lead to other diseases, which are false, especially since the Minister of Health is one of the best doctors before he was a minister, and is it unreasonable to think that Kuwait can harm its people and everyone who resides on its land. One of the citizens says, he refused to take the vaccine after he was informed of the danger in spite of the unlimited confidence that he has in the Kuwaiti government and his country.

He says he was a victim of fear. Another Kuwaiti, who identified himself as A.A.F. says he will receive the vaccine, because the whole world has now shown a keen interest in receiving the dose and said he is surprised why some people have rejected to be vaccinated. However, another Kuwaiti, identified only as A.H., he is still not ready to take the vaccine saying he is afraid but will ultimately overcome his fear once he is confident there are no side effects.

The Ministry of Health intends to vaccinate 2,775,000 citizens and expatriates as per the strategy it has laid down for the categories that will receive the new coronavirus vaccine, reports Al-Rai daily quoting sources. tSources disclosed the ministry worked hard to secure 5,700,000 doses of the vaccine and this exceeds the required quantity to achieve herd immunity. Sources said the ministry, in coordination with other concerned State agencies, included certain figures in its vaccination plan; such as the total number of citizens and expatriates who can receive the vaccine (excluding those who are below 16 years old), number of those who will actually receive the vaccine, those unwilling to get vaccinated, and those whose conditions do not allow vaccination such as pregnant and lactating women and those with severe allergic reactions.



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