Revival Of State Development Role Is Vital
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Director General of Arab Planning Institute Dr Bader Malallah affirmed the need to revive the State’s developmental role through redistribution of wealth and investment in the social aspects such as education, health and housing, reports Al-Nahar daily. He said this in a speech he delivered during the 103rd ordinary session of the social and economic council at the ministerial level.

Dr Malallah explained that the close observers of the Arab economic situation will realize that policies have been tending towards activating developmental planning and strengthening control of the public and private institutions as well as actualizing the minimum level of complete economic stability, building the right business atmosphere and implementing policies that can encourage productive investment.

He stressed that the method of distribution of developmental fruits should be reviewed in a way that will be more fair and inclusive, insisting that this can be done through revival of developmental role of the state. Dr Malallah indicated that the Arab region is facing myriad of social and economic challenges, mainly weak economic development, fall in the purchasing power of citizens, and high rate of unemployment.

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