Revellers, Worshippers Usher In New Year - Churches, Malls, Streets Packed To Capacity
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Many public and entertainment places, including the Gulf Road, were crowded as a large number of people – citizens and expatriates – opted to celebrate the New Year outside their homes; exchanging greetings and wishes for prosperity and happiness in the coming year.

Th e spring-like atmosphere boosted the enthusiasm of everyone to go out and celebrate, expressing happiness amidst huge crowds along the Gulf Road and other areas.

People enjoyed the positive and festive atmosphere in several places – malls, parks, gardens, streets and desert areas – especially those who had a chance to watch fireworks displays in various locations on New Year’s Eve. Families and friends exude happiness while saying goodbye to the past year and welcoming the New Year. They took pictures which will be added to their treasure chests of happy memories.


Young and old, everyone took commemorative photos and ‘selfies’ on such a joyous day. Hours before ringing in the New Year, the Gulf Road was already abuzz with activities which culminated in an amazing and breathtaking fireworks display. Th e sky brightened up with an array of magnificent colors emanating from fireworks and firecrackers. It was a beautiful night with people from all walks of life exchanging ‘Happy New Year 2018’ greetings.

People also thronged to different arenas throughout the country, celebrating the holiday in an artistic environment engulfed in happiness and optimism. Malls in all governorates decorated their exteriors and interiors with Christmas trees and other festive décor to give visitors and shoppers a sense of optimism for the New Year, sans worries.

The atmosphere in such places was filled with overwhelming joy amid everyone’s sense of optimism as they wish for peace around the world.

Churches were also overflowing with worshippers who came to thank God for all the blessings they received throughout the previous year and prayed for more blessings in the coming year, especially peace as the world continues to experience diff erent types of crises and calamities.

They celebrated New Year’s Eve with a sense of holiness manifested through the psalms and voices of choirs as the faithful headed to houses of God, particularly the Catholic and Evangelical churches in Kuwait City, to pray for peace and love for Kuwait and the world.

Security authorities also participated in the celebration by making sure that peace and order prevailed as reflected in the presence of police officers in different venues and worship places. Security presence was heavy as the authorities exhausted all means to ensure the safety of the people and prevent any untoward incident which could mar the celebrations 


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