Restaurants And Cafes Are Very Popular .. With Great Caution
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Life returned to restaurants and cafes yesterday, after months-long closures due to the Coronavirus, which negatively affected their revenues and made their owners await the restart again.

Restaurants and cafes worked in accordance with the required health requirements, in order to avoid the liberalization of violations, especially with the spread of municipal employees in all commercial complexes and restaurants to monitor and monitor violations.

According to a field tour carried out by Al-Qabas, the restaurants completed their preparations to receive their visitors prior to the start of the partial ban on the evening of the day before yesterday, as restaurant managers made clear that they are committed to all the requirements imposed on them, both in terms of the spacing between tables and seating places that are not less than two meters between tables and half a meter Between everyone at the same table, in addition to checking the temperature for the visitors of the restaurant or cafe before entering, with no entry allowed for those whose temperature is above 37.5 degrees.

Customers are received in large restaurants or restaurants in hotels according to prior reservation, as it is necessary to book an appointment at least an hour before entering the restaurant, and the reservation is either online or by phone, and for cafes without making an appointment.

The number of people at one table ranges between 2 and 6 people as a maximum, with the spacing being maintained, and restaurants receive them from 11:30 to 8 pm for lunch or dinner. As for breakfast, not all restaurants will serve them.

Restaurant managers reported that, given the application, the spacing between tables and individuals, the restaurant's capacity was reduced by about 50 to 60 percent, and for restaurants in hotels, they opened additional halls to receive more customers.
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