Resignation Is Not Yet Approved By CEO - What To Do
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I am an Indian working in a contracting company from 7/11/2012 as an Engineer with visa Article 18 and my visa was renewed on 05/06/2017. I got another job offer and I submitted my resignation on 14-06-2017.

My project manager and project director signed on my resignation. But the HR is not receiving my resignation until the Assistant CEO signs on the resignation. Till today the Asst CEO did not sign and I doubt whether I will get his sign before my 3 months notice period.


In this case how can I make sure that I will get release and can join the other company after my 3 months notice period. I have the copy of my resignation signed by project manager and project director.

Please help me. I will be grateful to you.

Answer: Arrange to meet the Asst CEO to redirect his attention to your release request and the need for his signature. If he insists on not signing the paper, then we suggest that you file a complaint against the company at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor through the Labor Department in your area.



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