Residencies Of Cooks Holding Driving Licenses Will Not Be Renewed
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Assistant Undersecretary for Passports and Citizenship Affairs in the Interior Ministry Major General Sheikh Mazen Al-Jarrah has announced the suspension of the renewal of residency permits of 100,000 domestic workers and cooks who hold driving licenses illegally.

In a press statement, Al-Jarrah pointed out these domestic workers and cooks contribute to traffic jams as it has been discovered that many of them are engaged in delivery work and drive their own cars. He explained these workers will not be able to renew their residency permits unless they hand over their driving licenses or change their line of work into one that allows them to hold driving licenses.

He added the sponsors of these workers will not be allowed to hire new workers if they do not comply with the directive.

Talking about the procedures for obtaining family visa, Al-Jarrah disclosed a family visa application will be rejected if the father is not living in Kuwait. He asserted the decision states that the parents must be living in Kuwait as a condition for getting a family visa, indicating this is part of efforts to fix the lopsided demographic structure in the country.



23 Sep, 2016 6188
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