Renewal Of Work Permits Refused To 4,809 Expat Engineers Who Failed In Proficiency Test
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The General Authority for Manpower refused to renew work permits for 4,809 expatriate engineers who failed to pass test, while decision on 1591 is waiting according to evaluation committee reports Al Rai

Aseel stressed that “No residence is stamped of renewed of Engineers without passing the proficiency test, which is a prerequisite for non accredited listed colleges”.

Al-Mazyad revealed that the Authority held several workshops for applicants for tests from teachers with disabilities working in private schools, nurseries and rehabilitation institutions.

The number of testers reached about 1380 teachers, of whom 627 teachers passed the tests and 753 teachers failed.

She pointed out that the Authority is working on the preparation of a draft decision rates of national employment in non-governmental bodies for submission to the Council of Ministers, in conjunction with the State’s trend towards adjusting the demographic composition and increase the proportion of Kuwaitis in the private sector.



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