Renewal Of Expats Article 18 Residence Refused If Company License Is Valid For Less Then 6 Months
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The Residence Affairs Department is reportedly refusing to renew the residence permit of Article 18 expatriate workers if the validity of the commercial license of the company they work for is less than six months, reports Al-Rai daily quoting informed sources, Sources familiar with the daily said representatives of several companies recently visited the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to allow them to waive the remaining period of their commercial licenses so that necessary measures can be taken to renew these licenses.

The aim is to help their companies to renew the work permit of their expatriate employees for one year. The sources pointed out that the Residence Affairs Department has informed these companies that work permit cannot be renewed for one year if the commercial license which is issued by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI) is valid for less than six months and this situation has prompted the companies to ask the MCI to waive the remaining period.

The sources said the MCI will facilitate the business owners and improve the environment of their work, and will agree to renew the licenses as long as it is at their request, indicating that the position of the ministry in this regard comes after examining the legality of this procedure.

The sources pointed out, a business owner is entitled to renew his commercial license and to waive the remaining months of his license as long as he pays the fees.

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