Religious Exploitation Is Unacceptable
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In a statement, factions and public associations rejected the parliamentary attempts to revise article 79. According to Aljarida daily, Kuwait is a civil state, and the exploitation of religion in politics cannot be tolerated.

The statement said, "Based on our commitment to the defense of democratic rights and freedoms, as well as our adherence to the civil characteristics of a state." Our rejection of the puritanical forces' attempts to amend article 79 of Kuwait's constitution is based on adding a text that will ultimately achieve their aim of destroying the civil constitutional and democratic foundations of Kuwait. Conducting crude interference in individuals' private lives by creating alternative rules for a strict religious state in which personal freedoms are more restricted. In the name of guardianship over free speech, standardizing social life in such a way as to eliminate diversity and pluralism, marginalizing women and restricting culture, arts, and literature, an unconstitutional and unelected body will be established to determine if the laws passed by the National Assembly and the laws in force are compatible or incompatible with its narrow view of Sharia.

We stick with the 1962 constitution despite its minimalist nature, except in respect of a greater degree of freedom. With our adherence to what was decided by article 2 of the constitution in its present form, we oppose any attempt to change the civil characteristics, as well as the exploitation of religion in politics.


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29 Nov, 2022 298
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