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My 3-year contract with my current company is expiring on Nov 14, 2016. I have secured another job and informed my company that I am not renewing the contract. But my current company is refusing to give me a release, so according to the new rules can I transfer my residence without approval of the current employer? Kindly help me with this legal issue.

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Answer: No, you can’t transfer to a new sponsor without the permission of the current sponsor but the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor or the Public Manpower Authority (PAM) can be approached for such a permission if the current sponsor rejects your request once you have completed three years service after being hired from abroad. But if you transferred to this firm locally, it can’t stop you from transferring to another sponsor after one year’s service. The relevant authorities will automatically sanction your transfer. So, if the company rejects your request you can approach the ministry directly or through the Labor Office in your area.



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