Refusal Of MOE concerned Government Agencies To Execute Court Rulings In Favor Of Expat Teachers
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Amid the refusal of Ministry of Education and Higher Education and concerned government agencies to execute court rulings in favor of expatriate teachers over their housing allowance, teachers have been considering presenting a grievance to the International Labor Organization or concerned courts. A source said the teachers may soon present their plight to the international community in the form of lawsuits demanding equal treatment with their Kuwaiti counterparts, as they are not comfortable with the disparity and discriminative treatment.

They demanded refund of their allowances and bonuses unpaid from 1991 to 2017. The same source disclosed that 100 cases have been filed over the deduction of KD 90 housing allowance since Dec 2016.

He added the teachers have since submitted 8,000 petitions to the ministry over the same case and verbal responses from officials are good, but there is no concrete action to back it up. He added some teachers have won almost 120 cases at the Court of Instance for housing allowance in retroactive payment since 2011, and with three other cases at the Court of Appeals.


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