Real Estate Companies Are Breathing A Sigh Of Relief ... Their Financial Results Are Improving
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With return of life and economic activity to normal in Kuwait, real estate companies listed on the stock exchange began to compensate part of their large losses recorded during the first half of this year, as a result of imposing closure restrictions on commercial complexes and activities in the country, in addition to rental reductions and granting tenants payment delays and exemptions. , Which severely pressed the profits of real estate companies in the first half of this year until the end of June 2020.

But with the gradual return to normal activities during the third quarter of this year (from July to September), real estate companies began to breathe a sigh of relief and reduce their losses. Recorded during the second quarter of the year, which was the most severe due to the general closure and complete cessation of economic activities during the months of May and June.



17 Nov, 2020 504
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