Ready To Compensate Instead Of Serving Notice Period
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I am working in a private company in Kuwait. I need to give resignation but they are telling me that I need to complete two years. Without completing the two years they say I will not get a release. I’m ready to give compensation but the problem is I need to get immediate release because I got another job. I need to join there; I have completed three months in that company. If I need to file a case what will be the expenses and will I get resignation within two weeks? Please reply.

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Answer: If you signed a contract to work two years for the company, you have to respect the terms of the contract and hence can’t quit after working for them for only three months.

On the other hand, if you were employed locally, and you are not a university graduate, the law requires you to work one year for the company and this also you cannot run away from.

Similarly, if you are a university graduate and you were employed locally, the law allows you to quit at any point in time but this can only be effective after three-month notice period. Granting that you are a university graduate and your were hired locally, you can only file a case against the company, if the company insists on not releasing you after expiry of the notice period.



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