‘Ration Quantities Of Rice, Sugar For Kuwaiti Citizens Will Be Cut’
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According to reliable sources, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry has developed a vision for implementing the Cabinet’s decision to take the necessary measures for the disbursement of basic food supplies (ration) to eligible low income earners, and reviewing the share of basic food items for each individual, reports Al-Rai daily. They explained that the ministry has started coordinating with the Ministry of Finance, and indicated that it would start the tightening of the ration belt with rice and sugar commodities. The quantities of these two commodities disbursed will be reduced.

Also, a proposal to reduce the share of infant formula was excluded. The proposed plan is to reduce the quota of rice granted from 6.25 per person to 5 kg. This means a return to the quota that was granted before it was increased in 2009. Also, there is a plan to reduce the per capita quota of sugar to one kilogram instead of the current two kilogram. Even though the sources did not specify the value of the support that will be provided, they clarified that the cost of food ration per capita ranges between KD 5 and KD 6 per month.

The sources said, “If it is decided to reduce the targeted supply quantities, the shares of about 2.1 million beneficiaries of rice and sugar commodities will decrease, including 461,000 from domestic workers whose numbers may also be reviewed”. As for the Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s plans regarding construction support, the sources stated that, “The ministry cannot reduce this support because it is stipulated by law. It is spent at a maximum value of KD 30,000 for each receivable. However, the ministry plans to restructure its distribution over time, so that its disbursement periods range between three and four years instead of the current system, which allows the disbursement of the prescribed quantities within months. The trend requires that the disbursement of construction support coincides with the real needs of each stage of the construction process.”




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