Qatar Airways Offload Fashionist Found In Abnormal Condition
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An unidentified ‘fashionist’ was offloaded from the Qatar Airways and referred to the airport security office, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, the suspect was on his way to Doha and before taking off, one of the flight attendants noticed that he was in an abnormal condition and drew her attention to the fact that he had an electronic cigarette in his hand. When the captain decided to stop the flight, and took a decision to offload him and his luggage he did not like and objected.

However, when he discovered all his attempts were in vain, he began making several contacts with senior officials in Doha but he was surprised when they refused to interfere out of respect for the law, especially the Civil Aviation Law especially the first paragraph of Article 12, under the heading ‘Unacceptable Behaviors’ which stipulates that if the behavior of the passenger on board the aircraft can endanger the aircraft and other passengers or any behavior related to smoking, alcohol or drugs, or acting in a manner that may be objected to by other passengers for reasonable reasons, may take measures deemed necessary by the company to prevent the continuation of such conduct, including restriction.

The paragraph adds the passenger may be forced to disembark at any point and may be charged with criminal offenses committed on board the aircraft.



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