Psychologists Warned On Social And Psychological Effects Of Child Abuse
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Psychologists and legal experts have warned on the social and psychological effects of child abuse on the family unit in particular and society in general, reports Al-Qabas daily.

They pointed out that child sexual abuse is a global phenomenon from which children (male and female) of all age groups suffer a great deal, although the rate of assaults among girls is high compared to boys.

They indicated the prevalent rate of sexual abuse in the Arab world is baffling, but no governmental institution has come out to conduct studies about this social ailment, which is becoming rampant in order to tackle the issue head on.

Consultant psychiatrist Dr Abdullah Al-Hamadi affirmed the need to resort to specialists in secret to know the psychological effects of child sexual abuse and what to look for in a victim, and other warning signs. He indicated roughly 60-70 percent of child abuse cases are only detected after the child reports the incident.



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