Professor Vows To Give Vaccinated Students 5 Points
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In an effort to encourage his students to get vaccinated, the former Minister of Education and Professor and Kuwait University Dr. Bader Al Essa announced that he will be awarding five points to vaccinated students at the College of Social Science, local media reported.

In an interview, he stated he has spoken to his students about the vaccine and the ways they can reduce the chance of contracting COVID-19, “especially by staying away from gatherings and by not listening to rumours regarding the virus or the vaccine.” Dr. Al Essa is one of many who have initiated campaigns to encourage people to get vaccinated. Last month, several local businesses began providing discounted offers for those who have received the jab.

Currently, around 650,000 residents and citizens in Kuwait have received at least the first jab of the vaccine. The Ministry of Health is hoping to increase that number to one million by next month, specifically during the last 10 days of the holy month of Ramadan.

The Minister of Health, Dr. Basel Al Sabah, announced a few weeks ago that their goal is to vaccinate two million people by September.



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