Steps to Get Both Renewed and First Time Civil IDs by Home Delivery for 2 KD on PACI Website
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Civil ID Is Mandatory Card of All Citizens and Expats in Kuwait, Expatriates Should apply for a civil ID card within 30 days of receiving their residency visa. I, it serves as proof of legal residence. 

Before Covid, if you applied for a civil ID, you had to check the status regularly. After receiving confirmation that your card is ready, you can pick it up at the PACI office after 2 pm. That required standing in a queue and waiting for your turn. With the new simplified procedure you will be able to track the status of your card once it is ready, and you can have it delivered straight to you.

The Civill ID Home Delivery Service is available for

Renewed Civil IDs

First Time Civil IDs for new expats

New Born Civil IDS,

Find the steps below to get one delivered in a few days at your home for 2 KD. 

Step1:  Visit website and click on English located on the top left side of the page. 

Please read the Terms and Conditions before accepting, then accept them, then click the Start button

Step 1 Procedure to Apply for Delivery service of CIVIL ID in PACI website

- The civil card delivery service is a paid service by the beneficiary, not at the expense of the Public Authority for Civil Information.

- The delivery cost of the first main card is 2 KWD. Other cards can be added, provided that they should have the same PACI Address Number as of the first main card; 250 fills (a quarter of a dinar) will be charged for each additional card.

- After raising the delivery service request, you will be contacted at the required phone number through the delivery company’s call center.

- The delivery company is obligated to deliver to the specified location during the order submission.

- Delivery is within 2 working days after the delivery company picks up the ID Cards from PACI headquarter.

- The old civil ID must be handed over to the delivery representative, otherwise, the delivery of the new civil card is not possible.

- In case that the old civil card does not exist (newborn and first-time registrations), the person concerned must present the original Kuwaiti nationality document for Kuwaiti citizenship holders, or the original passport of other nationalities, otherwise, the delivery of the new civil card is not possible.

- To communicate and inquire about the delivery service, please call (22066550)

- The existing ID card delivery request will be canceled once you submit any other change-request related to your card, and you will be requested to apply for a new ID Delivery Request and pay the delivery fee again.

- The Delivery fee is not refundable and pays "one-time-only" upon submitting the delivery request.

- Delivery depends on customer accepting and arranging delivery with the delivery team. If the customer cannot be contacted, the delivery will be affected and delayed without any responsibility to the delivery company.

- Delivery requests are accepted ONLY for Civil Cards that are ready for delivery

Step 2: In the next step, we will be getting two options "Old Civil Card is Available" and "Old Civil Card is NOT Available"

If you are renewing your civil ID, use the "Old Civil Card is Available" option, so you can hand over the old civil ID when the new one arrives.

Choose "Old Civil Card is Not Available" if you are applying for a Civil ID for the first time, or for a newborn. 

1. When Old Civil Card is Available: When you renew your Civil ID card, you already have your old one with you. Afterward, enter your civil ID number and serial number (serial number can be found on the back of your civil ID) and click "Add".

Step 2 Procedure to Apply for Delivery service of CIVIL ID in PACI website

Check Civil ID no and fees then click next.

Step 3 Procedure to Apply for Delivery service of CIVIL ID in PACI website

You can add multiple Civil Ids for delivery for a charge 250 Fills for each extra card, if they all stay at same place

2. When Old Civil Card is Not Available: You will choose this option when applying for a civil id card for the first time, or when you are applying for a new born. 

In the screenshot below i have  selected "Old Civil Card is Not Available" since I am applying for a newborn.

Nationality: Non-Kuwaiti

Reason: First Time registration or New Born

Civil IDEnter civil id number.

Passport no: Enter passport number.

Enter all details and Click Add

CIVIL ID Home Delivery for Newborn and First Time Registration

Check Civil ID no and fees then click next.

CIVIL ID Home Delivery for Newborn and First Time Registration

Step 3: Enter your Address and Contact Information, you can use the card address or manual address where you wish to have the card delivered.


Delivery time

Phone No


Preferred Contact language: Even if we select English, most delivery guys speak only Arabic.

Step 4 Procedure to Apply for Delivery service of CIVIL ID in PACI website


Step 4: Confirm Delivery Information 

Step 5 Procedure to Apply for Delivery service of CIVIL ID in PACI website

Step 5: When you confirm delivery information, you will be redirected to the payment page. Once the payment is completed, you will receive a confirmation receipt. Please make sure you save the receipt safely. Print it or save it as a PDF.

Civil ID Delivery Service receipt

Step 6: Checking Delivery Status 

Please click the link and enter your civild id no , then click search to check the status , you can call 22066550 if any queries

My Civil ID was delivered to me within three days.

CIVIL ID Delivered by PACI

Just relax and wait for delivery, if there are any mistakes please let us know for any queries please send us an email to


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