Prince Of Humanity - We Will Not Forget You
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Citizens and residents flocked to the Sulaibikhat cemetery yesterday, to visit the grave of the late Emir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, may God rest his soul, and read verses from the Holy Qur’an on his pure spirit, and prayed for him to be blessed by God with the breadth of his mercy, and for the supreme paradise to dwell in him as the reward for his sincerity, great generosity and dedication to service Kuwait and its people, and to reward him for his sincere efforts to serve humanity and extend a helping hand to the afflicted peoples in the whole world, without distinction or discrimination

Visitors to the grave may God have mercy on him, confirmed that the great deceased of Kuwait carried on his shoulders the concerns of his people and the concerns of all humanity, and did well throughout his life in order to support the causes of the Arab and Islamic nations, as he was keen to consecrate the stability and security of Kuwait, and was close to the people keen on their interests. While the citizens shed tears of grief over the departure of the symbol of goodness and peace, they assured that he will remain immortal in our hearts with his fragrant life, his glorious deeds and his great achievement


02 Oct, 2020 0 8774
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