Pricing Responsibility Of Ministry Of Commerce
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The director of the Cooperative Societies Development Department in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor, Hayam Al-Khudair, stressed on the need to develop the performance and tasks of the administration through direct supervision by the Undersecretary of the Sector Abdulaziz Al-Shu’aib, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Al-Khudair told the daily that the system of mechanization followed by the administration in receiving transactions of cooperatives societies has reduced the period of completion from three days to half an hour, with a total of about 100 transactions per day.

Al-Khudair revealed that one of the key negative phenomena and obstacles that the Department monitors in the ‘cooperatives’ is circumventing some investors to get the shops through sale and lease.

The process of pricing is the responsibility of the Ministry of Commerce. It is the body responsible for determining and controlling the prices of goods, but the Ministry of Social Affairs controls the implementation of price decisions, while ensuring that the prices are appropriate for the average people. As for the difference in prices between some cooperative societies, it is dealt with by the competent departments, and appropriate measures are taken against them. This applies to all investors in societies, whether small or other enterprises.

According to the available statistics, Al-Khudair said the total number of cooperative societies increased to about 75 about two years ago, 66 consumer cooperatives distributed over the governorates, in addition to two unions, two associations and three productive societies. And the future buildings, the order is determined in accordance with the number of housing units to be established, as well as the density of the population of each area and the size of the new areas, especially as the new cities can be divided into more than one area, and therefore there is a need for more than the existing branches of each society. All that is associated with the foundations and associations which are parallel in line with the state plans to build the main activity centers in the new cities — such as ministries, services and suburban centers, especially those that include shops, clinics and other ministries.

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