Price Of 10 Kgs Pomfret Fish Equivalent To Price Of 2 Sheep
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The price of all kinds of fish continues to soar in spite of the favorable weather conditions for fishing, report Al-Rai daily. The daily said, during auction yesterday at the Souk Sharq 10 kilos of Zubaidi (Pomfret fish) fetched KD 120 equivalent of the price of two sheep.

It is noticed that expatriate fish mongers sell fish for almost half the auction price. For example, if a basket of shrimps is sold for 90 dinars during auction, fish mongers sell it for 30 dinars. This questions the role of the Ministry of Commerce, and the Public Authority for Food to identify the source of this fish, if this fish is suitable for human consumption and/or how these fish mongers can afford to sell for almost one-third the cost of the auction price.



30 Sep, 2018 801
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