Potential 50% Hike In Electricity And Water Bills In Kuwait
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The Ministry of Electricity and Water in Kuwait has developed an in-depth executive study, proposing a significant increase of 50% in electricity and water tariffs. This adjustment is expected to be executed within the current year, provided it receives approval from the National Assembly, according to reliable sources who spoke with Kuwait Times.

The executive study, aimed at revising the pricing structure for electricity and water, has been ready for implementation for some time now. However, the government's recent resignation has led to delays in the rollout of the proposed changes. It has been clarified that Kuwaiti citizens residing in their private homes will be exempt from these price hikes. On the other hand, investment and commercial properties owned by citizens will be subject to the increased tariffs. The ministry justifies the need for the price increase by citing the escalating global energy prices and the financial strain it has put on the ministry's budget and the country's public funds.

The proposed tariff increase will affect Kuwaiti citizens owning multiple residential properties. The revised tariffs will only apply to their additional properties, while the original pricing will remain in effect for their primary residence. There are concerns within the government that the National Assembly may reject the proposed tariff increase. However, the government is prepared to fight for its approval, considering the potential impact of the constitutional court's decision to annul the parliament, which might alter the political landscape.

Reliable sources have dismissed any potential negative effects of the tariff hike on skilled expatriate workers in Kuwait. They argue that concerns regarding the potential departure of these workers due to increased electricity and water prices are unfounded, as similar increases have been implemented globally and in numerous other countries.


19 Mar, 2023 1145
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