Police Can Impound Cars, Pull Driving Licenses Of Violating Motorists
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The Ministry of Interior will continue to pursue the violators by activating the traffic laws which give the officers the right to impound vehicles and temporarily withdraw driving licenses in addition to other punishments, reports Al-Anba daily.

According to a circular issued by the ministry, Article 42 of the Traffic Law speaks of traffic violations which give the right for the withdrawal of driving licenses and Article 207 of the Traffic Law speaks of offenses committed by the motorists.

The circular specified the violations that require the withdrawal of the vehicle and the drive license and the referral of the person to the authorities, for carrying passengers in return for money, holding illegal races on public roads and driving recklessly.

As for not carrying a driving license, the person is detained, and his vehicle is impounded.

According to a security source, the circular issued in this regard included three violations requiring the withdrawal of the vehicle and the license – carrying passengers for money, racing on public roads and driving recklessly and also if the motorist fails to produce the driving license.

The other violations which mandate the withdrawal of the license and the car include driving a vehicle without number plates, driving against the flow of traffic, reckless driving or if the motorist tends to be negligent.

This is in addition to not showing the registration book, driving the vehicle without insurance, if the vehicle is emitting smoke or producing sound, driving a vehicle with tinted glass, obstructing traffic movement and exceeding the speed limit.

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