Police Arrested A Kuwaiti And Syrian Who Escaped From Riqqa Police Station
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Officers from the Criminal Security Department in the Interior Ministry arrested a Kuwaiti and a Syrian who escaped from Riqqa Police Station.

A security source revealed the Kuwaiti was detained at the police station as he was accused of stealing vehicles while the Syrian was found to have violated the Residency Law. They were arrested within 24 hours after escaping from the police station. Investigations are ongoing to determine who helped the two suspects flee from the police station.

Earlier, the Interior Ministry had circulated the description of two men — a Kuwaiti in his 30s and a Syrian — who had reportedly escaped from a police station, reports Al-Anba daily. In the meantime, the Assistant Undersecretary for Public Security Affairs at the Ministry of Interior, Major General Ibrahim Al-Tarrah has ordered legal action to be taken against one of the staff members at the police station accusing him dereliction of duty and allegedly facilitating the escape of the suspects.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs at the Ministry Major-General Abdul Hamid Al-Awadhi had pressed into service plainclothes men to arrest the fugitives since it is his department that had arrested the suspects in the first place and have all the information about the escapees. The daily added, the men were arrested two weeks ago for committing a number of thefts. A security source said there are doubts about the involvement of an ‘outsider’ in the escape of the men.

The Al-Rai daily said the fugitives escaped during change of shift by reportedly breaking the window of their cell at the Riqqa Police Station. It has been reported this police station was newly renovated to ensure prisoners do not escape from the facility.


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