PM To Set Priorities With MPs Before Forming New Government
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Following the reappointment of Sabah Al Khaled Al Sabah as prime minister of Kuwait by the Emir Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmed Al Sabah on Sunday, the prime minister stated that he will coordinate with members of parliament to determine legislative priorities, local media reported.

Sabah Al Khaled explained that the next government will work with the MPs on several issues from fighting corruption to economic reform and development.

The legislative and executive branches are facing grave challenges in light of international and regional changes, in terms of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and economic crisis, the prime minister stressed.

The prime minister’s announcement came shortly after he was tasked by the Emir to form a new government.

It is unclear how long the government formation will take, but it will be an important cabinet to watch given that many MPs were vocal about their objection to the return of certain ministers.

Tension between government and parliament

Sabah Al Khaled was reinstated as prime minister less than a week after the Emir accepted his government’s resignation.

According to the KUNA, the government handed in its resignation “in light of developments in the relationship between the National Assembly and the government, and what the national interest may warrant.”

One of the main disputes between the government and the parliament was the motion to interrogate the prime minister.

On January 5, three MPs, put forth a motion to interrogate the prime minister, under a couple of clauses, one of which was that the prime minister failed to adhere to Article 98 of the Kuwaiti Constitution which states that “upon formation, every Ministry shall submit its programme to the National Assembly and the Assembly may express whatever comments it deems appropriate thereon.”

A day later, 38 MPs agreed to the interrogation, setting an unprecedented move as it was the first in time in Kuwaiti history that the majority of the MPs favoured a motion before the session even occurs.



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