PM Says Public Health Number-one Concern
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His Highness the prime minister, in his address to the legislators, urged them to tackle and discuss matters quickly and set an example “to those whom we have imposed on a curfew and remained in their houses for 20 days.”

“The State of Kuwait has not reached the safe zone in facing the coronavirus yet,” he declared, confirming health authorities’ statistics that the infection cases reached some 37,000 and deaths nearly 300.

Intensive care wards are occupied by 44 percent and this should be taken into consideration and pursue the work with the same spirit in the coming period, Sheikh Sabah Khaled added.

The prime minister attributed large numbers of coronavirus infections among citizens to non-abidance by the health regulations.

He further noted the government deep concern with the recent hike of infections among the citizens and re-stressed on the necessity of cooperation between the government and the parliament.(KUNA)



16 Jun, 2020 924
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