Plastic Surgeons Face Jail If They Fail To Satisfy Customers
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Plastic surgeons unlike medical surgeons are required by law to give their best to the total satisfaction of their customers. Give them what they have asked for, nothing more nothing less. Plastic surgeons can end up in jail if they fail to satisfy their customers or if something goes wrong.

However, the job of medical surgeons falls under a totally different category. They work to save lives and cure diseases while the plastic surgeons work to give added beauty to the patient to the liking of the latter. A medical surgeon follows international and national norms concerning each surgery irrespective what the outcome of the operation.

A plastic surgeon offers services that sometimes bring about a change in appearance and satisfy complementary needs which people can actually do without. These surgeries are more of an optional nature. Each patient opts for a surgery not because their life is in danger. The job of a plastic surgeon is a lot easier than the medical surgeons who work to save lives and has a limited time to accomplish their jobs, sometimes with limited resources.

When a patient visits a clinic to change looks or the shape of their noses, their chins, transfer some fat from one body part to another, all these requests are guided by the opinions of doctors and points of view whether it is medically safe and sound to carry out such surgeries given the condition of each patient, while uncertainty looms over the final look whether it will satisfy the patient or not as was agreed between the doctor and the patient.

The most important point is doctors are required to deliver what the patients have asked for. If the doctor fails to deliver or remain true to his promise the patient has the right to legally sue the doctor and claim damages.

The patient must file a criminal case with a police station against that doctor if he refuses to do good the wrong. Mostly the investigators will immediately put the doctor on a travel ban as soon as the complaint is filed.

In one incident, a doctor disfigured the nose of a patient and fearing backlash from the patient escaped from Kuwait before the authorities slapped a travel ban on him. Therefore police investigators are very careful when complaints of such nature are filed with them. Following the complaint, police will summon the doctor for interrogation and if the latter fails to comply, an arrest warrant will be issued against him.

My advice to people is to be very careful if you opt for a plastic surgery and choose the doctor very carefully.



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