Kuwait is Planning to Deport 70 % of Expats
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The Human Resources Development Committee held a meeting to review and determine the National Assembly’s decision to refer the demographic regulation law to the Legislative Committee to study the drafting of the articles of the law after its amendment.
The government sources confirmed its ambitious plan aimed to deport 70% of expat workers from Kuwait. The sources reaffirmed the government’s intention to end 160,000 jobs in the private sector and deport marginal laborers and illiterate expats. The time frame to rectify the demographic imbalance is five years.

Committee Chairman Khalil Al-Saleh stated, the Corona crisis shed light on the issue of demographics and the need to work on assessing the situation in Kuwait, so that problems do not recur in the future.

He added: The idea of ​​the law is to compel the government to issue regulations that include mechanisms and provisions to set a higher ceiling for the rates of expatriate workers in Kuwait. The draft law on demographics obliges the government to submit annual reports to the National Assembly, which makes this file under continuous control by the Council reports Al Qabas.



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