Pinay Girl Rejected By Exclusive School, Discovers She Has Higher IQ Than Einstein
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Mia Golosino, an 11-year-old Filipina girl who now lives in the UK, took the entrance exam at Aylesbury High grammar school but after sitting the 11-plus exam privately, she later received a letter of rejection which told her she wasn’t admitted into the school due to “over-subscription”.

Parents Jose and Mary Golosino decided to let Mia take the Mensa IQ test to help them appeal the school’s decision as Aylesbury High was the girl’s first choice. After a week of playing with Mensa apps for about 15 minutes a day, Mia was ready to take the exam.

While the family expected that she would receive great results, they were quite shocked to receive a letter from Mensa that told them Mia had an IQ of 162! This is certainly awesome news considering that renowned theoretical physicists Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein are both believed to have an IQ of 160.



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