Pesterers Held For Stabbing Girl’s Father
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The security authorities have arrested two young Kuwaitis for stabbing the father of an unidentified young woman while they were jogging, reports Al-Rai daily. The daily added, this happened when the duo started harassing the young woman and when the father tried to prevent them from coming close to his daughter, one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the man. The daily did not give more details.

Meanwhile, the Secretariat General of the National Assembly has rubbished as rumors what was published by some political activists in the social media that 10,000 dinars and an apartment was provided to a non-Kuwaiti consultant working for the secretariat, reports Annahar daily.

The secretariat said in a statement it is pays the consultants housing allowance, unlike what has been mentioned in the social media. A reliable source added the consultants are paid reasonable money much less, and added the figure has been exaggerated and emphasized neither a car, housing and other privileges are given to the consultants



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