Pay 1000 KD And Get A Job - Scores Of Expat Workers Cheated By Human Peddlers
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Scores of workers demonstrated in downtown Kuwaiti City in one of the towers because the company that hired them has allegedly failed to comply with the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract and violated their rights, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to the daily after the workers accused the company representatives of swindling them. They said each of them paid an equivalent of KD 1,000 to get a job in Kuwait. They added, they were hired as car and motorcycle drivers and their job was to deliver ‘merchandise’.

They added, although they arrived in the country about nine months ago, the company has yet to make their stay legal; this is in addition to other injustices they have been subjected to.

They pointed out after they went on strike the company officials closed their offices and instead of taking action challenged the workers to do what they can.

The workers have appealed to the government to intervene and help them get their rights and either refund their money and force the company to get them the residence permit because the company hired them from overseas.

The laborers affirmed that they have not received any salary or support from the company since their arrival. They said they have all documents to prove their rights.

They added they have filed a complaint with Disputes and Settlements Department of Public Authority for Manpower accusing the company of wrongdoing.

They added, they are looking for a lawyer who can assist them to get their money which collectively amounts to about 70,000 dinars.

Meanwhile, the daily has learnt that the PAM Deputy General Manager Dr Mubarak Al-Azmi is following up the issue and the inspection teams from the authority will pay a visit to the workers and pursue the ‘human traffickers’.



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