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01 August 2016 Legal

I am seeking one more clarification through this channel, please help. We are in search of “sales executives” for our shipping business and due to a shortage or high demand in salary package, face difficulty in getting the right candidate. So, as an alternative solution, we hope that we can appoint part-time staff under an incentive scheme with those who are working in ministries (after their duty hours or weekends). Our question is, are there any legal issues in hiring part-time employees from the ministry sector? Hope that the legal department can assist us in this matter.

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, you can hire parttime employees from the ministry sector and there should be no problems in this regard as long as these employees have permission from their ministries to take up employment in the private sector.

There are some ministries which are very strict and do not allow their employees to take up part-time employment but most of them have no problems in this regard. You are required to keep a copy of this permission so you can produce the same in case Ministry of Social and Labor Affairs inspectors visit your firm. Failure to produce these documents could result in legal action against you and the ministry employee.



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