Part Time Domestic Workers At A Higher Risk Of Spreading Coronavirus
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The part-time domestic workers, from illegal offices, often work for more than one family on an hourly basis, and thus it increases their risk of getting a viral infection. It should also be noted that Domestic workers often don’t feel comfortable raising issues about their health.

Contrary to those domestic workers who work at one house and have had their health examinations, they are less likely to be sick from any contagious infection.

Following reports that many Kuwaiti families are hiring temporary domestic workers from illegal domestic worker offices, health sources spoke to Al-Rai daily warning against the practice as they are at a higher risk of being contagious with an infectious disease, as coronavirus.

The Ministry of Health has stressed that domestic workers undergo full medical examinations to ensure that are free from infections, whether they were recently recruited or have had their residency visa renewed to guarantee they are in good health for the safety of Kuwaiti families.

Health sources have called on the public to exercise caution and avoid the practice of illegal domestic workers in the interest of their health and safety.




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