Parental Guidance Urged As Steep Rise Seen In Juvenile Crime
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Head of the Child Protection Department at the Juvenile Investigation Section of the Directorate General of Criminal Investigation Lieutenant Colonel Saud Al-Amer says the total number of juvenile crimes referred to the Public Prosecution since the approval of the Child Protection Law in 2015 reached 845, reports Aljarida daily.

He indicated that sexual, physical and psychological crimes against children are the most prominent types, stressing that the social networking sites and online games have become the greatest danger affecting children, which requires parents to follow up their children in order to ensure they do not access inappropriate things they may be exposed to through those sites.

Lt. Col. Al-Amer explained that the new Child Law has greatly contributed to strengthening the protection of children and reporting any abuse they are exposed to, including enabling them to report on their own when they get beaten, battered or assaulted by parents or others.

As a result of these complaints, many rulings were issued against persons or guardians, including a 15- year prison sentence against a father who assaulted his minor daughter. Lt Col Al-Amer affirmed that family rifts negatively affect children, adding that child neglect cases are increasing with the number of reported cases this year reaching 300. He indicated that the juvenile investigation department intervenes if the custodian is not qualified to take care of minors.



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