Panel To Begin Deliberations On Falsifications Of Citizenship
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Rapporteur of the parliament’s Interior and Defense Committee MP Nasser Al-Dousari revealed that the committee next week will begin deliberations on falsifications of citizenship, as mandated by the National Assembly that the committee should investigate ambiguities surrounding the file. MP Al-Dousari said the committee will invite concerned officials from the Citizenship and Travel Documents Department, affirming that the department, based on the Constitution, will not reveal the names of suspects in the citizenship falsification cases who were referred for prosecution. He indicated that the committee has enough time to conclude the assignment during the current parliamentary term.

Al-Dousari stressed that the investigations will cover several citizens, as the numbers of those involved rose unbelievably high within the last five years, insisting that the investigation is necessary for clarifications. He assured that the committee will do a thorough job to ascertain the status of the suspects in that case, affirming that the investigation will reveal the actual number of forgers.



09 May, 2017 496
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