Pam Automatically Renews Work Permits For The National Workforce

04 March 2023 Kuwait

According to the Public Authority for Manpower, the notice of national labor registration "work permit" is automatically renewed for chapters five and three without the need to visit or take any action.

The authority told the Al-Qabas daily that the disbursement of support to national workers continues except in certain cases from Chapter Five, represented by placing a code to stop changing the company’s address “inactive address” and not renewing the permit to practice the profession or the expiration of the commercial license and the insurance statement not appearing on the automatic link between the authority and the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) for non-payment of the monthly subscription or the existence of indebtedness or for any other reason; with regard to Chapter Three, it is if the number of the civil entity of the company is not identical to the number registered with the PIFSS by the company.

In its electronic portal, PAM provided several electronic services for Kuwaiti citizens in order to save time and effort, including the "Sahel" service, "Sahel for Individuals," and "Sahel Business," emphasizing the company's commitment to supporting national workers in private industry.


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