PACI Launching CIVIL ID Delivery Services For 2 KD
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The Director General of the Public Authority for Civil Information, Musaed Al-Asousi, confirmed that as part of its permanent efforts to develop its electronic services and facilitate procedures, the Authority launched a civil card delivery service that aims to help citizens and residents obtain a civil card in an easy way without the need to visit any of the authority’s branches, which leads to Reducing crowding and preserving the effort and time of the references, in addition to maintaining social distancing to ensure their health safety and to avoid infection with the emerging coronavirus.

Al-Asousi revealed that the authority has contracted with one of the leading companies in the field of delivery. The fee for one card delivery service is two dinars, and an additional quarter of a dinar is added to each additional card with the same address, and the service can be requested by entering the card delivery website (https: //delivery.paci., which allows tracking of application and civil ID delivery stages.

Al-Asousi said that the ready-made cards will be delivered within two working days from the date they are delivered to the company.

Al-Asousi stressed that the authority is keen to ensure that the cards are delivered in a safe and private manner, and that they are delivered in a sealed envelope with the authority’s logo on it. In the event that the old civil card is not available, the person concerned must provide the representative of the delivery company with the necessary documents to receive the new civil card.



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