PACI Increases Delivery Capacity Of Civil ID Cards
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The Public Authority for Civil Information PACI intensified the issuance of civil ID cards in its systems and reduced the accumulation of cards of those stranded abroad inside the machine.

According to local report, civil ID card delivery services have returned to its normalcy with an increase in the number of cards delivered per day. The operational capacity has increased as it was in the past, after it was reduced by half during the last period.

PACI also activated an automated response system to the inquiries of the "My Identity" application. The PACI My Kuwait ID subscribers are now exceeded over two million.

Authorities indicated that PACI is working hard to increase the number of cards issued daily, as it is expected that the accumulation of children's cards will end after the Eid al-Adha holiday.



20 Jul, 2021 3473
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