PACI Denies Clip Report
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The Public Authority for Civil Information has denied what is contained in a video posted in the social media as false and incorrect information about individuals being registered in ‘vacant’ housing, reports Al-Anba daily.

The authority said “PACI’s automated system does not allow any person to register under ‘vacant’ housing, in addition to the fact that the aforementioned house has been in existence from 1987 and until now, and that four families comprising 25 individuals live in it.

The authority said, “The claim that 100 individuals are registered under this house contradicts the truth.” Sources added, “As for what has been published about 350 individuals from Block 3 is also incorrect information, as it is found that many of these people live at different places and contradict what is mentioned.” PACI calls on everyone who has a complaint about the residents’ data to report to the Public Prosecution.



10 Nov, 2020 403


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