PACI Announced The Launch Of An Update On The (My Identity) App
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Today, Saturday, the Public Authority for Civil Information announced the launch of an update on the (My Identity) app, version (V1.5.4), to be compatible with the iOS 14 operating system for iPhones, which was recently launched by Apple and is a radical change to the operating system.

The authority said in a press statement that it was preparing in advance for this amendment before its official launch by the company by modifying the (My Identity) application and testing it on various modern and old iPhones.

She explained that this procedure comes in the interest of her to synchronize with the official launch to ensure the continuation of the application of (my identity) in the various devices due to its importance in establishing the identity in light of the ministerial decision and the cabinet decision regarding the adoption of applying (my identity) instead of the civil ID.


SOURCE Alraimedia

19 Sep, 2020 0 288
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