Our Performance Of All Governmental Departments, Institutions And Corporation Are Declining
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The performance of all our governmental departments, institutions and corporation are declining. They are not serving the national interest of this young nation which is full of ambitions and great objectives.

Almost every day, we are faced with bad news from every sector of the government and its corporations. In the past six months, we have just been going from one scandal to another – from fake university certificates, theft of court documents, distribution of so-called agricultural lands, rain disaster and finally broken car windshields every day because of solid concrete gravel hitting our cars on main streets and highways. Nobody is trying to do anything.

In addition, the daily drama or nightmare of traffic congestion is not being solved despite bridges and wide five-lane roads being built. The problems remain unsolved especially with the growth in population and more vehicles entering the already-busy roads.

Nobody is taking a serious look at any alternatives to cars such as building metros or underground trains, which are more serious choice and better alternatives, to ease our daily nightmare. Reports about the a forementioned keep appearing on daily basis on social media and local newspapers.

Our MPs talk about them during one or two sessions but then disappear without doing much constructive work, eventually to be repeated after one whole year.

Of course, we have the financial resources to rectify the situation but the solution lies within ourselves. The roles of the government leaders, ministers, deputy ministers and the rest of the people in the top six-seven positions need to be improved but they instead choose to delegate such roles to others.

This has been causing underperformance in every sector of the government and its corporations. The more we get rid of expatriates, the worse the situation will become.

Now, most of the government and 85 percent of its employees are Kuwaiti, but are we witnessing any improvements? Perhaps the time has come to address the ratio and come up with better solutions, as Kuwait is losing the needed experience and hard-workers.

Our performance will not improve. The decline will continue. Let us see what tomorrow will have in store for us in terms of further bad news.



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