O Children Of Satan, Islam Disassociates Itself From You And Your Supporters
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ISLAM completely disassociates itself from what ‘ISIS’ has done and continue to do, given that even those who were called ‘Kharijites’ in Islam-Arab history for rebelling against the leaders of their time under the pretext of Islam did not commit the crimes that ‘ISIS’ committed in Arab and foreign nations in recent years.

These people, who adopted a deplorable ideology, went on to murder, ruin, rape and loot Arab countries like Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Jordan; in addition to the western World including many European countries.  Recently, they took their bloody activities to friendly Eastern countries such as Sri Lanka.

Any observer might notice that this devilish organization has not fired a single bullet at the top enemy of the region – Israel.  Instead, the news, which is almost certain, say that during the group’s adventures in Iraq and Syria, its injured were treated at the hospitals in Israel.

After the recent crime perpetrated by this infamous organization, it issued a statement last Wednesday announcing it is responsible for the attacks.  The statement became a trending topic on various social media platforms.

These attacks targeted churches and hotels in Sri Lanka, claiming the lives of 320 people on Easter Sunday.  According to the results of initial investigations announced by the Sri Lankan Government, these recent attacks were in retaliation for the attacks on two mosques in New Zealand last month that claimed the lives of 50 people.

This crime is a major addition to the crimes committed by ‘ISIS’.   The entire world – from East to West – condemned the New Zealand attacks and sympathized with Muslims in general.

The position taken by New Zealand Prime Minister against the attack and her compassion for the innocent victims were unquestionable. In fact, everyone was impressed, up to the extent that she was nominated for the Noble Prize for Peace or Humanitarian Award.

All this has been dispelled by the criminal organization known as ‘ISIS’ and opened the path for the extremists on the other side (those against Muslims) to retaliate against innocent Muslims, repeating exactly what the ‘ISIS’ did to Sri Lankans and tourists who happened to be there when the attacks took place.

We are grateful to Almighty Allah that this aberrant ideology, vengeance, killing and destruction are not accepted and believed by majority of mankind; apart from the isolated extremists.

Let us take a contemporary example.  After the massacre at Imam Saddiq Mosque by an ‘ISIS’ member, who was assisted by his kind among Kuwaitis and non-Kuwaitis, during Friday Prayer a few years ago; the horrific incident was put to rest spontaneously by International Humanitarian Leader His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah.

Our Amir visited the scene of explosion an hour after the incident, where he described the victims with his famous phrase: “They are my children.”  With that, the flame of sedition was extinguished immediately and it prevented retaliation, God forbid – an act that the ‘ISIS’ has mastered to justify its criminal operations.

It is as if the organization (ISIS), its members and sympathizers with its ideology and crimes are not humans; and it is possible to consider them or count them as children of Satan.

We are helpless, only Almighty Allah can provide strength!  We seek refuge in Almighty Allah to be safe from the children of Satan.

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