Opening The Ban On Some Countries On The List Of 34 ... Postponed Until The Elections
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Government sources revealed that the Council of Ministers did not adopt any mechanism today to vote for the injured in the elections, explaining that the election committee meeting today did not come out with any decision as it merely discussed some proposals, in addition to not giving the fatwa its opinion today.  The sources said that next Thursday, the fate of the Corona-infected vote will be determined, and whether they will be prevented or allowed, hoping that the issue will be resolved as soon as possible given the proximity of the elections.  The sources indicated that the Election Commission approved requiring judges, delegates, media workers and policemen who will participate in the elections to submit a PCR certificate, which is no more than 3 to 4 days old.  The sources pointed out that the bodies affiliated with the participants will present health statements in preparation for their counting and subjecting them to examination.  Regarding the increase in the list of the 34 banned countries or the opening of the airspace together with some of them, the sources confirmed that no new country has been added yet, but the assessment of the countries' indicators for Corona disease is ongoing every day, indicating that the ban has been opened for any country postponed until after the elections.



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