Open Yard For Dog Sale In Al Rai
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When you want to buy a dog to serve as an escort or adornment, all you have to do is go to an open yard in Al-Rai area, which has turned into a market for the sale of dogs, reports Al-Rai daily.

In this market, all kinds of dogs, from adornment to escort, are offered, without any relevant services or safety and security measures in that square to protect the interested buyers from ferocious dogs that are left exposed.

With the popularity of the market, considering the large turnout that it is witnessing, urgent need is imminent to organize the place and ensure safety procedures for its visitors. The dogs may pose a danger to the visitors, especially since the dogs are displayed by them with a tight rope to a wedge in the ground which the dog can remove and attack those present.

Also, there clearly is a lack of services. According to the most famous seller in the market Hassan Al-Shammari, he is one of the most important dog sellers in Kuwait. He has been dealing with these animals since he was eight years old. Due to the level of familiarity between him and them, he developed his hobby to a business. He has a dog farm that contains all kinds of dogs – from predators to pets.

He sells in open air in a yard next to the birds market in Al-Rai area, where he connects dogs so that they do not escape or harm customers who are of various nationalities. There are more of Arab customers than foreigners who are lovers of dogs and buy them at any price as long as they or their children like them, especially pet dogs.

Al-Shammari said, “The market is a space of land adjacent to the bird market. There is no official market for selling dogs”. He explained, “Although it is a hobby that many citizens and residents adore, unfortunately the concerned authorities do not take this aspect into consideration. The square is devoid of umbrellas to prevent sunlight or toilets for the market-goers.

There are no water chillers from which we can take water to give the dogs. This forces the owners to go to the Friday Market to fetch water for thirsty dogs.” Al-Shammari revealed that, “Many foreigners and animal rights activists visit the market.

They are often bothered by the lack of water or a shaded place for these dogs displayed for sale. Officials should put this issue into consideration”. He also disclosed that, “There are many types of dogs offered in the market. Most of them are pets, but predators are sold on request and not brought to the market for fear of hurting customers. However, the demand for ornamental dogs is low, as they are usually demanded by women and children more than others.

The best-selling species among dogs are German shepherd, Roto and Husk, which are desired by customers. Their prices range between KD 100 and KD 1,000. It depends on their body, age, shape and color. The distinctive colors of dogs are red with white, or black with white, and bovine color (The Spotted) that is in great demand. This is in addition to pet dogs such as Pomeranian, poodle, Lulu, Yorkshire terrier and Maltese whose prices range between KD 50 and KD 500”.



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