Only One Person Must Accompany Traveler – Some Exemptions During Curfew
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The General Department of Public Relations and Security Media at the Ministry of Interior announced a list of the parties EXEMPTED from the partial curfew decision in the country.

The list is as follows:

Ministers Speaker of the National Assembly and members of the National Assembly.

Ministry of Health Judges, the Public Prosecutor, the Attorneys General (assistants of the Attorney General), Public Prosecution directors, and prosecutors.

The Kuwaiti Army, National Guard and General Fire Force (in military uniform).

Engineers of the Ministry of Public Works and the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation.

Employees working in the Ministry of Electricity and Water on operational contracts (contractors) .

Employees of the Kuwaiti Ports Corporation (work ID will suffice). Kuwait Airways employees (pilots – flight attendants – engineers) ground service providers Employees of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation and employees of aviation companies providing ground services at Kuwait Airport .

General Administration of Customs (holders of security barcode ID).

People who suffer from chronic diseases, health emergencies. All employees in private hospitals and medical laboratories .

Companies operating unloading, shipping and customs clearance in ports. Jazeera Airways employees (pilots – technical hosts – ground service providers) (according to the attached list).

Passengers (departing / arriving) are allowed only one person to accompany the passenger to and from the airport.

Imams and muezzins (as per Civil ID).

Employees of contracting companies contracting with the Ministry of Public Works and the Roads and Land Transport Authority (as per work ID) .

Managers and supervisors of cleaning companies’ projects .

The workers of cleaning companies in contract with the Kuwait municipality, cleaning trucks (dump trucks – sweepers).

Washers of the dead and grave diggers.

All suppliers of foodstuff, vegetables and consumables for cooperative societies .

Allowing private vehicles that transport vegetables and fruits from Abdali and Wafra farms to cooperative societies.

Employees of Wafir (Al Farda) Company for Marketing Services – Kuwait Mills, Flour and Bakeries Company.

Kuwait Catering Company Water pumping stations located in the regions for all governorates and their workers – only tankers are allowed to move.

Sewage tankers operating under contracts with government agencies.



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