Only 2 Visit Visas Granted Per Year
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I am currently working in Kuwait on a Private Company Residency Visa and meet all sponsorship requirements. I would like to know how I can either avail of more than 2 visit visas a year for my son or get a dependent visa for him. He is 19 years old. The immigration department is refusing to give him a dependent visa as he is 19. I thought a son could be sponsored till the age of 21? Also when I go to get a visit visa for him the officer says that only 2 visit visas can be granted a year.

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Answer: When a visit visa is applied for and utilized, the rule says that, the beneficiary of such a visa can only enter Kuwait with another visit visa after the expiry of six months from the last departure date. It is therefore possible to apply for two visit visas within one year provided that you do that in accordance with what the rules say. The Immigration Department is right in refusing to grant your son a dependent visa as he is above the 18- year age limit as required by the latest rules governing the grant of dependent visas for male children.


24 Aug, 2017 0 1923
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